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local home deliveries




Altrincham, South Manchester and surrounding areas.


How it Works:


Enter your delivery details and the quantity of each item that you would like on the attached order form and send it back by 9 PM, Monday.


I’ll send you a receipt on Tuesday once I have your order together, minus the cost of any unavailable items. This must be paid electronically for your order to be delivered.


Deliveries will be made each Tuesday afternoon.



The Order Form:


Firstly, insert your delivery details in the top left section of the order form and double-check them for errors.


All prices are displayed per measurement (e.g per 100). These measurements represent grams unless the number is 1, which represents a single unit of the item.


Next insert the quantity of each item you would like in the yellow column.


Your order summary is displayed bellow your delivery details. Please check this before submitting the order form back to me.


Rows highlighted RED on the order form are for ’Out of Stock’ items, whilst an ORANGE row indicates an item we have ordered, but still await confirmation of availability from our suppliers.

If any items are not with us by Tuesday, you will be notified in your order receipt later that day.



The Delivery:

The delivery vehicle will be sanitised both before and after delivery and both myself and the delivery driver will be wearing masks.


 I will message you before my arrival and place your order at the door.


A delivery fee of £3 is automatically added to your order summary.


Liquid Refills:

I have designated the boot of the delivery vehicle as a liquid refill station. This means that upon arrival I ask you to have any necessary vessels ready for me, freshly cleaned, so that I can fulfil your order.

I will ask you to place these vessels outside of your door and step back so that I can collect, refill, re-sanitise and return them.


Please note that any vessels deemed unsanitary will be refused and that it is your responsibility to provide a large enough vessel to complete your order.


Liquids can also be delivered in a new 500ml pump bottle for a fee of £3.99 (please add these bottles to your order form when necessary)




Please do not make a payment until you have received a receipt from us each Tuesday.

This will either confirm that your order will be made in full or that certain products will not be available.


All payments must be made on the delivery day Tuesday.


All payments are to be made electronically via PayPal or bank transfer, which will be sent after you request a form.

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